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Monark Weddings specializes in creating timeless cinematic love stories, starting at $2500. We accept a limited number of weddings annually to ensure each one receives our full attention. Connect with us through our contact form and let's find a solution that works best for you!

Add Ons

Aerial. Drones.

Ever dreamed of capturing your love story from the skies? Aerial drone footage offers a cinematic canvas, blending sweeping landscapes with your intimate moments, for a truly breathtaking perspective. Ready to elevate?

Beauty. Retouched.

Enhance and elevate your video memories with our exclusive beauty retouching services, where we artfully remove every blemish, pimple, and imperfection, ensuring you look as radiant on screen as you do in real life.

Heartfelt. Testimonials.

Curious to hear laughter and love echoed through the voices of those dearest? Our testimonials from friends and family is a heartfelt mosaic, capturing the essence of relationships that make each celebration unique.

Wedding Films

Authentic. Emotional. Unmatched.

Let's Talk

Friendly. Approachable. Responsive.

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